Company Profile

Centro Paulista de Investigação Clinica,Ltda.
Rua Moreira e Costa # 342
São Paulo, SP 04266-010
Phone: +55 11 22713450
Fax: +55 11 22713452

Established: 01/Feb/2001

Management Directory:

  • Cristiano A. F. Zerbini, MD, Director and Chief Executive Officer.
  • Juan Pablo Gargiulo, Vice Director for Research Administration and Education.
  • Andrea Barranjard Vannucci Lomonte, MD, Vice Director for Medical Affairs.
  • Dario Fausto Saba, Human Resources and Facility Executive.


Actively participate in the development of therapies and innovative technologies that ethically
can serve the community, adding scientific knowledge and making human life better.


To keep and expand leadership in our field always working with ethics and quality to become an international reference.

Main professional activities:

  • Protocol analysis and clinical trials performance for Pharmaceutical Companies and Contract Research Organizations (CROs).
  • Consultation for legal and ethical matters for Pharmaceutical Companies, CROs and new research centers.
  • Basic and Advanced courses in clinical research.

Business Profile:

Phamaceutical Companies and CROs

Since its founding in São Paulo in 2001, the Centro Paulista de Investigação Clinica,Ltda. (Cepic) has became
one of the leading Brazilian centers in Clinical Research. In these 18 years of continuous work our team
participated in 150 national and international studies analysing and performing protocols in clinical
phases 1, 2, 3 and 4 for many pharmaceutical companies. We have ongoing studies in Rheumatology, Vaccines,
Gynecology, Endocrinology, Cardiology and Lung diseases. The figure below shows our main clients and the
number os studies perfomed by the Cepic team for each one.

We also work closely with Contract Research Organizations (CROs) analysing new protocols and offering
consultation for legal and ethical matters involved in clinical research. A figure below shows CROs working closely to us.

Our team has twelve world randomization records for including patients in clinical trials.

Cepic has been inspected by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) three times and once by EMA (European Medicines Agency) with approval and good results in all the inspections.

Basic and Advanced Courses

To help young people interested in working opportunities in the field of clinical reseach our team organizes
two compreensive Basic Courses each year lasting for 4 months and including ethics, protocol interpretation,
site organization, public relations, patients care and networking. People attending Basic Courses are young
people finishing university, physicians, pharmacists, biomedical professionals, administrators and nurses.

Clinical Research is a dynamic field with continuous changes and advancement. To keep people already working
in this field up to date, our team organizes once a year an Advanced Course in Clinical Research lasting for
4 months. New ways of doing research, FDA inspections, new rules from the FDA, EMA, PMDA and ANVISA (Brazilian Agency),
new site monitoring methodology, studies with biosimilars, networking, public relations and the future of clinical
research are some matters discussed in these courses.

Cepic Staff and Facility

CEPIC has a team of 12 doctors, 1 administrator, 3 nurses, 2 pharmacists, 3 receptionists, 3 radiology technicians
and 25 service coordinators/research assistants regarding outpatient care of individuals participating in clinical studies.

Our facility has 9 doctor's offices, 6 outpatient infusion beds, 1 sample collection room, 1 biological sample
preparation room, 1 medication storage room, 1medication handling room, 7 administrative rooms, 1 auditorium for
50 people and 3 rooms with radiological equipment.

Equipment includes 18 microcomputers, 1 ECG, 3 centrifuges, 1 sterilizer, 3 refrigerators, 1 freezer -20ºC,
1 laminar flow hood, 5 infusion pumps, 2 bone densitometers and 1 X-ray machine.

The research subjects attended at Cepic have available services in rear hospitals hired by the center, as required.

Financial Information

Cepic is not listed in the Brazilian Stock Exchange Market. It has 3 owners : 85% CAFZ, 10% JPG and 5% ABVL.
Cepic is a healthy company with no debts and no bank loans.

Please see the attached Financial Statement and Balance Sheets from 2016 to September, 2019 as requested.

With my best regards,
Cristiano A. F. Zerbini


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